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March 27, 2003
Posted at 11:12 PM

“The first casualty when war comes is truth.” –Hiram Johnson

“The news automatically becomes the real world for the TV user and is not a substitute for reality, but is itself an immediate reality.” –Marshall McLuhan

- - - -

I’ve been trying to limit my intake of the nauseating “war” news coverage. The addictive quality of a “real time war” is a new vice. We all come into work and relay the previous night’s transmissions, in awe…blown away by the reality of what is going on over there.

I’m watching this bullshit unfold in front of me, harrowing reports from these smiling, fire-eyed anchor fucks more or less rooting for the onslaught. What has sickened me the most is the cheerful quality when reporting the news of Iraqi casualties…go team! They are people too. Right? We’ve reduced them down to these blinded, subhuman drones…

Lots of questions: If Saddam is so “bad”, why is there resistance? Who are the bad guys here? 5000 lb bombs? (What the fuck? 5000 pounds!!!) Terrorism? Al-Jazeera? Al who? What happens one he is removed? Then what? What if we can’t remove him? Fuck. A mess.

I don’t feel good about any of it.

- - - -

Not too much else to report.

1. Work is busy and getting busier. That’s good. Super productive.

2. Melissa will be back in a month. That is better. Gonna make a run back to get her. 2nd annual rescue mission. She’s a good trooper on the road. Melissa is my co-pilot.

3. Derek Denoyer called today with the big day of his wedding: August 23rd. I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Bachelor’s party plans are in the works. I told him today, wasting up expensive cellphone minutes, “Y’know, I was thinking…I guess I just want to see you lose yer cool…y’know, get you beat up or arrested or something. One last mean bender.” Derek always kept his cool. He’s gonna lose it real bad at his pre-hitch party. I’m “standing up” for the wedding. Much pride is felt.

4. Coming up on my “one year anniversary” with CINCO. Big news. One whole year. Wow. It has been good. I like it here.

Glad the weekend is coming up.

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Like everyone else, I am sick about this war. I don’t understand why the Americans had to take this task on alone, while the other nations stand back and watch. (Well, the brittish are helping…) We get to pay billions of dollars to blow it up, then billions of dollars to rebuild it. We could use our money right here, in our country. The media coverage is sickening.

If any of you saw 60 minutes Wednesday night (I think it was 60 Minutes, on around 9 pm) it shed some light on this whole situation. They were in this town in Iraq that has been taken over by the military. They showed hundreds of people, rejoycing in the streets, greeting the Americans, waving and smiling. These people have been without water for 2 weeks, and food is scarce there. While they were filming, a water truck arrived. People were running with buckets, getting in line. They were interviewing a Marine and they were showing kids, babies, some 4 & 5 years old, begging for their buckets to get filled with water. Once they were filled, they were too heavy and they were trying to drag the buckets of water home. That really hit me…it was disheartening. The Marine was all choked up while being interviewed and said: “When we first came over here, I wondered why we were doing this?”. He pointed to the kids begging for food and water with a tear streaming down his face, and said: “I have nieces and nephews this age. This is why we’re here. I’m proud to help these people. We need to help these people.” I know I’m a sucker for shit like that, but instead of showing people getting blown up and others cheering about it, it showed helping a whole town of people. That’s were my heart is at. If you saw it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’m not “FOR” this war. I just want it to be over and everything ok. Life is too short for all this trama and turmoil.

Ok, I’ll shut up now. Hope you’re doing well Aaron and hang in there….Melissa will be there soon!

Posted by: Terry on 03/28/03 at 6:42 AM

I got this email today, and I thought I’d share it with you as I thought it was funny!

You know the world has gone crazy whe the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the swiss hold the America’s cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, and Germany doesn’t want to go to war!

Posted by: Terry on 03/28/03 at 7:10 AM

The addictive quality of this war reporting has us all mesmerized…..but, at least we get the news first-hand and in real time. Back in the days of the Viet Nam Conflict, we would hear and see reports on the news - DAYS after the occurence. One could only wonder, and I believe it proved itself out to be true much later, how much of the actual truth was being relayed to the American public. We were told only what the government wanted us to know…..when the soldiers came home, some who were willing and many who were reluctant, we then found out the harsh realities of war.

My dad and uncles served in WWII - people had to go to the movie theaters at times to see what the world news reporters had filmed (those priceless newsreels). Their news reports were days and weeks beyond the happenings.

So, no matter what we see - slaughter, oil wells burning, Iraqi tears of relief, children running, women being shot at, it is sadly real and it is the truth…..I think the heroes of this war will include the imbedded reporters, who are risking their lives to tell us the truth.

(…..all this perspective from one FOX NEWS/CNN junkie who used to enjoy the occasional car chase and kidnappings and building fires……)


momma d.

Posted by: momma draplin on 03/28/03 at 8:41 AM

The most sickening aspect of this current CONFLICT (Indeed, it is not a WAR, as no declaration of WAR has been laid upon Iraq by CONGRESS, our real ELECTED leadership ) is that the media has abandoned all regard for objectivity in reporting. CNN has become little more that a Pep rally for US aggression, selectively displaying images and reporting on hearsay nonsense to manipulate the american viewer into ill-informed support for this outlaw military act. The media has relentlessly attacked the United Nations for not being subservient to US demands, telling the story as if we are the only informed, logical nation in the entire world - not an arrogant, hostile, impatient superpower banging the drums of war to inspire a slumping domestic economy and exact foolhardy, misdirected revenge for 9/11. The amercan media’s blatant support for the war quite simply demonstrates the level to which Corporate interests have not only influenced the acts of govenment, but work to infect the minds of americans - rendering them little more than faith-driven, thoughtless automatons.
This is all, ooooooobviously quite different than the Arab television networks we indict as terrorist communication broadcasters, or even the propagandistic media of the Soviet Union (boo! bad soviets!) or the Nazis - who used long-winded diatribes of falsified, unverified, and one-sided information to turn the economically devistated citizens of Germany into unquestioning, mindless, nationalistic murder machines.

God Bless America.
Support our Troops, BRING THEM HOME. That coke-head draft dodger silver-spoon prick has gotten enough of our boys killed already.

Posted by: "War is Crap" Simonson on 03/28/03 at 11:59 AM