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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 23, 2003
Posted at 11:29 PM

Here’s a ramshackle collection of music-related links–through art, equipment or nostalgia–as well as some amazing sources for MP3’s.

The Flaming Lips won a Grammy. What is the world coming to? (Hopefully, something beautiful.) Well done. A good laugh. Oklahoma’s finest.

Nice collages, nice color, weathered and broke-in. The guy behind some of my favorite album cover designs. Talk about a dream gig.

Load up on MP3’s at Epitonic.com. My IPOD swells with so many goodies from this site.

The drummer from the greatest band of the ‘80s. Chris Marrs of the Replacements, is an accomplished painter. Flip through his site and dig the amazing detail.

You’ll find an amazing wealth of Replacements, Paul Westerberg, Uncle Tupelo and Wilco rarities MP3’s by clicking this link right here.

Take a tour of theReplacements hangouts and haunts.

I’m hot for my very own set of drums. And when I do finally lock down a set, and a space in which to pound the fuck out of them, I plan on outfitting the drumhead with a mark of my own.

My guitar is has held up well since the summer of ‘96. I’m currently saving for one of these.

Pick this.

There is One Comment

Chris Mars sucks, doode. Anyone who has a color coding system on their website for pricing their artwork is a jack ass. “Well, the pieces highlighted in blue are 6000 dollars and up… I think you may want to look more in the yellow range…”

(The bitterness that I just displayed makes me sound like Ryno…scary, huh?)

Posted by: Kurt "No Pastels Here" Halsey on 02/26/03 at 3:47 PM