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Draplin Design Co., North America
February 11, 2003
An outtake from the
Posted at 12:29 AM


An outtake from the last couple month’s travels.

(Image courtesy of the Berling Photo Archives.)

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PJ looks like a gay cop with that mustache. Not like a real police officer that happens to be gay, but like a gay guy that wants to dress up like a cop cause cops are supa hott. Must be the whole “authority/dominance” thing at play. Highway Headmaster perhaps is what Hoss Chmiel was going for? Draplin, you just look mean, like I pissed you off again. Hope your gal gets back into Portland soon to ease you up, rough rider.

Posted by: Kurt Halsey on 02/11/03 at 7:45 AM

I look like goddamn death-warmed-over. Apparently Berling had the “corpse” filter rigged up on his camera. Nice work though, you’re a champ.

Posted by: Hoss Chimmel on 02/11/03 at 8:14 AM

Yeah, I gotta chip in, too. That “awww-shucks” smirk below PJ’s dirt-stash doesn’t really say “tougher than” anything to me, save Rice Crispies treats or Saltwater Taffy. PJ - get a game face, my boy!

Posted by: ryno on 02/17/03 at 11:54 AM