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January 04, 2003
Another Memorable Visit For The Record Books
Posted at 11:07 PM


Let me start this entry with a heartfelt, teary-eyed thank you to my parents. I just spent the most amazing 10 days with them at their compound in Traverse City. Christmas spirit, family, friends, laughs, giant meals (oh man, those gargantuan meals!), and of course, a bunch of presents… so amazing.

I am very lucky to have them to go home to. The visit was a good chance to recharge. They kept me well-fed, well-rested and sorta well-bathed. I did a lot of relaxing, with ample time comatose in front of the tube and digging through old treasures. Good stuff.

Michigan Highlights:

01. I got to hold Bry and Tracey’s little Eva… every ounce of her six pounds of glory. A bond was cemented between us that is sure to last for ages.
02. Shopping with Campbell and his little Hannah. She’s comin’ up in the world just fine. He’s a good dad.
03. Christmas dinner. (Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, rolls… heaven.)
04. Mom and dad’s Christmas tree. Hands down, easily, the most beautiful tree I’ve ever seen. Glorious.
05. Seeing Aunt Mary, Uncle Pat and Uncle Mike, and their respective families. Their little kids are growing up. Blows the mind.
06. Snow. There is nothing like a Michigan country field of white, with the tree line in the distance.
07. Derek and Alexis coming over for dinner. Dad made his infamous “Killer Pizza.” More news coming from these two in the future.
08. Shipping little Leah off to college life at Central Michigan University. She’s embarking on quite an adventure. All eyes on are on her. She is set to start up a successful academic career with her better half Nate (who, by the way, is also on the Draplindustries “You better not blow it” List) for the remainder of this school year. I wish them both the best of luck, on the school front, and on the boyfren/girlfren front. They are a good team.
09. General laughs and conversation with mom and dad. Priceless.
10. Chicago… oh man, a couple days in Chicago. A full report of the mayhem is in the works. Stay tuned. I’ll get it allout once things mellow out at Cinco.

I’m glad to be back. Portland is wet and cool. Cinco is busier than hell. Good team. Work is gonna get pretty intense as we settle into January. I’m up for the challenge.

Check back soon for a full blow-by-blow account of my Chicago stay.