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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 18, 2003
Things have been gettin'
Posted at 01:03 AM


Things have been gettin’ ugly with Nakamoto. That sonofabitch puts up a mean fight, on all issues general and complex. We settle all quarrels on the pong table. Earlier today, amidst a highly-volatile “Is it done yet” work environment, I looked him squarely in the eye and challenged him with a viper-tongued, “You wanna go? Well, put yer money where yer mouth is.”

Two cutthroat battles ensued. I came out 40 bucks ahead. I mean, shit, the cat is from Reno, and we all know how shady that joint is. He’s a gamblin’ man, and we took him up on it. 20 clams a game.

“High Stakes Betting” on pong. A new low scoffed at by many, enjoyed by few.

(Editors Note: Battlefield bravado aside, we’d take a 5th color in the chops any fucking day for Nakamoto. )

Get a closer look into his world at: www.multifresh.com. Award winning work: Masterful homegrown photography and a typographic black belt.

Future Nakamoto-related Operations: A “Dudes” trip to Reno is planned for mid-February. Heads will roll.

There Are 4 Comments

Has Nakamoto given you shit about using inches intead of quotes on this here blog site, Draplin? He got you going on that little gem of a revelation. Everybody look “real close” at those cards o‘ the month when Draplindustries finally releases them in 2008.

Posted by: Boss Hog Munson on 01/18/03 at 5:41 PM

“I like your style, Dude.”

“I like yours too mannnn. You go that whole Cowboy thing goin’ on.”

(sorry, couldn’t post under the Dude posting).

Posted by: Hoss Chimmel on 01/22/03 at 5:03 PM

Sorry, Hoss. I ruined it for everyone, it seems.

Posted by: Kurt "seriously, though" Halsey on 01/23/03 at 5:02 PM

Man, I don’t even know you guys and I miss the coments section. Come on Mr. Draplin, bring it back dawg!

Posted by: Jermaine Jackson on 01/24/03 at 11:57 AM