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January 11, 2003
20! : Happy Birthday Weah Peah
Posted at 12:48 PM


20 years old. How about that. Made it through those teens, eh? Well, a warm “Happy Birthday” goes out to my little sister Leah back in mid Michigan.

She is a college girl at Central Michigan University. (Y’now, “Go Chips!”) She’s shacking up with Nate, a hearty, salt-of-the-earth Virginian. Man, he’s a tall drink of water, and Jesus H. Christ, can that kid eat. They are a good team and are set up to do very well together. Best of luck.

(Pep Talk, Part 6: “You guys got a good thing goin’. Don’t Blow It.”)

And to think back, 20 years ago today, seeing that little meatloaf wrapped up so tight amongst the other babies in the viewing ward. A little angel. She was beaming. The rest of the critters paled in comparison. Little heathens. Leah was beautiful. Facts are stubborn things.

On a sentimental note: I’m coming to terms with the “scope of a 20 years stretch” today. I remember her birth like it was yesterday, and can chart what I felt then, and now. 20 years at a glance. Chokes me up a bit. My little teeny sister is 20 years old. Amazing. What an amazing run.

So Leah, here’s to many more…. Happy Birthday from yer big brother out west.

There Are 4 Comments

Thanks Ah-nee, for a great surprise! I love you!

Posted by: The Birthday Girl on 01/11/03 at 4:22 PM

Ah-nee? What is Ah-nee?! HAve you had a nickname all of this time, Aaron? And you never told!?

Posted by: Kurt "I miss my cat" Halsey on 01/11/03 at 9:28 PM

Yes, as a youngster little Leah had a hard time with the pronunciation of “Aaron” so she took it upon herself to simplify things phonetically a bit. “Ah-nee” was her solution.

And let’s make this clear right now: Any sapsucker who makes light of this moniker will catch hell.

Posted by: Draplindustries Public Relations on 01/12/03 at 1:53 AM

looks good, thanks for the nice lil mugshot up there, damn Im a good looking sonabitch. take care.

Posted by: nate on 01/13/03 at 8:05 PM