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December 05, 2002
Workin' Towards The Weekend
Posted at 11:17 PM

Make yer mark.

As you’ll notice below, by clicking the “Comments” link after the “Posted by” line at the end of this entry, you can leave some words. Give it a shot. Oh yeah, be a man and leave yer name and keep the threats to a minimum.

Cam built the “leave a comment” feature in, so let’s put it to some use. Lookin’ forward to hearin’ from ya.

- - - -

I broke down and settled an iPod.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Too amazing. A chap like myself, with such a fervent love of all things musical, needs a storage tool of this caliber. I got the 10gb model, the mid-range beast. 10 gigabytes is a lot of space. Now I’ve got all my favorite albums, as well the “factory floor heavy rotators” at the spin of a highly-articulated touch-sensitive dial. I’m in awe of such technology. What the hell was I thinking waiting all this time? Who knows. Anyway, what a acquisition. Real good.

Out with the old… Suddenly, I have an arsenal of seemingly obsolete devices. Tape players, portable CD players, hell, even the most amazing little mini-disc unit. Well, hopefully they will make their ways back into my life. We’ll see. Maybe I should have a garage sale??

- - - -

Melissa Update: “South Dakota is cold.”

Melissa called this morning to inform me she woke up to a “three degrees below zero morning.” Yay. I don’t know how she is gonna fare this winter, with her limited tolerance for cold weather. Man, the girl has a hard time with Old Man Winter… a hard time.

I miss that brisk Midwest. Minneapolis was so cold in the winter. “Hurt yer lungs” cold. Someday I wanna get back to it all.

Bundle up, beautiful… and be careful on those roads

- - - -

The Dirtbombs are from Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit has bit of a checkered past, or, “checkered present” with it’s semi-recent musical exports. Oh yeah, get yer hands up in the air for talented folks like Kid Rock, Uncle Cracker, Insane Clown Posse and well, uh, Eminem. What a lineup. Aw man, what a shame. I’ll spare the banter.

I’m more interested with outfits like His Name is Alive and those cute, color-coordinated White Stripes, and, my new favorite, the Dirtbombs. Motherfucker. Whoa, turn it up. “Ultraglide in Black” has been on heavy, heavy rotation.

- - - -

I’d just like to take this opportunity to say: “Matt Capozzi is one hell of a guy.” Top notch. Good people. Rides a peculiar mini-motorcycle. Has the most amazing Lee to run with. He’s on the frontline of Gravis Footwear, in real deep, handling the development of up-n-coming advertising projects. We interact a lot during the workday, and I gotta say, it’s a good deal. Thanks.

- - - -

Tomorrow is Friday. Good. I love the weekend.

- - - -

Why Knott?

There Are 11 Comments

Aaron buddy, I’m going back to cold cold Minneapolis today for the weekend. Gonna get my Pizza Luce on, and visit the old alma matter’s art sale. Here’s hoping for a lack of run in’s with Ryno…

Posted by: Kurt "Sparky" Halsey on 12/06/02 at 6:54 AM
Posted by: E to the mutha phuckin K on 12/06/02 at 8:39 AM

Aaron you smiley non-jew (yeah, I’ll drive that jew thinginto the ground and you with the midwest thing too - so shut up it never gets old). Look man, you don’t have to spend time linking to ever known link on the world wide web within your posts. You’re wasting (painstackingly, mind you) your time. Who the hell is gonna link to an iPOD link? Or a cold link? Listen homeboy - the font on this comment thing sucks major ass too. Mad ghetto. What is it - like Wingdings For Morons or something. Cynical, no! Just a big critic. Everyones critic. This comment thing is a LEMON with this nasty font. Remember - don’t link to every url cause then the ones you really want people to link to, then they will never go. Besides, if it is on DDC then I’ve probably seen it before anyone. HACK!

Posted by: EVAN ROSE on 12/06/02 at 10:18 AM

You should make the newest post appear on top. Who the hell has time to scroll. DOUBLE HACK!!! Netscape!!!!!!

Posted by: Evan Rose on 12/06/02 at 10:19 AM

Does this thing take curses? I ain’t gonna post one because DDC will get mad and you never want to see him mad. He’ll practically blow the back door off the internet with the madness he’ll get when I type the word fuck or shit. DDC - can you delete these post yerself (midwest spelling, mind you) or do you have to call CAMWORLD to do it for you??? Just wondering, cause maybe I’ll “steal” it for the JEENYUS site. In fact, consider it stolen - just like every bicentenial stars and strips logo from here to Guam and back.

Posted by: Evan Rose on 12/06/02 at 10:23 AM

OK everybody, just so you know - this thing lets you curse - but you probably read that in the post above this one becuase as already noted, this thing also posts the “most current” comment underneath the previous “most current” comment, which (in my mind and in the mind of many, many others) makes it not the most current comment anymore…

Posted by: Evan Rose on 12/06/02 at 10:25 AM

I just abusing this thing now. Also, I’m just trying to bump up the number of comments on the main page of the site so it looks like people are actually using this thing instead of just me and you and the three other people at EL CINCO DE MAYO and the randumbs in the Midwest that check it out once in blue moon. I am being a little crab today, eh?

Posted by: Evan Rose on 12/06/02 at 10:27 AM

I am the heir to the great fortune ($27mil USD) in Zimbabwe which was left to me after my father perished in a great civil war. Unfortunately, this fortune is buried in the walls of a Turkish whorehouse and can only be extracted and placed into reputable American hayseed banks with your assistance as my business partner. I e-mail you with the strictest confidence as I have been given your name as a reputable foreman. Please click on the link in my name to learn more of the details, and why i need your bank account info, credit card numbers, and SS# immediately. Time is of the essence.

Yours in wealth and riches,

Posted by: Hoss "Midwest Til Death" Chmiel on 12/06/02 at 6:10 PM

Merry Christmas Mr. Draplin. Every so often I think of the old train days and have to look you (yer) site up. How come the liks you send people to have games & I can only read yours? No snow in Alaska yet, got up the other morn & rain, Dec 4, go figure, have not even started the snowmachine. Stop in & say hi when yer inthe neighborhood.


Posted by: John Crews on 12/06/02 at 11:28 PM

Enjoying this new format……..too bad Evan Rose isn’t….just takes a little getting used to……

Getting the house ready for my son to come home, the couch is vacuumed and ready for naps, recipes are in order, shopping to be done, cookies to be made, the tree is decorated and the Dept. 56 houses are on their shelves, Santas are everywhere…..the big Santa is working harder than ever.

Lots of snow and cold weather, you can hibernate here……

(my original post failed to go through, as I put my email address as ‘hell, michigan’, in a lame attempt to try to be funny….)

Posted by: momma draplin on 12/07/02 at 9:23 PM

Greetings from sunny Malta. Tomorrow I’m off to freeze-yer-nuts Moscow for a week. Hey Draplin, Damien and I will be back in Kalkaska on the 23rd. Let’s get together to shoot the shit.

My friend Elena says it is -40 Celcius (yes, Celcius!) in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia - where she is from. Brrrr!

Posted by: Cam on 12/12/02 at 3:35 AM