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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 19, 2002
Home For The Holidaze
Posted at 06:03 AM

Flying back to Michigan in three hours. Real good. Real tired. Real excited. More info once the plane lands.

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Well it’s about bloody time you added some interactivity to this god-forsaken abortion of a website….and a much improved abortion indeed!

Posted by: Pablo on 12/19/02 at 10:33 AM

Sorry we couldn’t connect at O’Hare, Drap, but I was on a real tight schedule at work and there was just no way. Fired up my Gocco for the first time last night…can’t believe I’ve waited this long. What a gem. Thank you for lighting a Gocco fire under every MCAD alum’s ass. We all owe you bigtime.

See you soon. Get ready for grappling in Greektown.

Posted by: Tony Shikawgo on 12/21/02 at 2:58 PM

Jesus H., Draplin, ain’t they got The Interweb up’are in Grand Traverse? Where’s our goddamn “home with the family, pre-holiday update?”

Headed back to MI this afternoon myself. It’ll be an adventure. See you soon.

Posted by: P. Jay Ch'mall on 12/24/02 at 9:14 AM

Yes, I made it in. Unfortunately, I can’t make any updates from home (some sort of password trouble) but I can be reached at this number: 231 275 2127.

Call and we can plan for the weekend…

Posted by: DRAPLIN on 12/24/02 at 2:01 PM

Merry X-mas Ah-nee…….tell the fam hello……

Posted by: Dogtooth-bitch on 12/24/02 at 8:01 PM

Hey Assholes:

Seriously, keep the language down to a minimum. I know who you are, you lonely wretches… surfing the web and distributing smut behind false identities. Real tough, real funny. I can’t edit this shit just yet, but you can bet a top dollar it will be taken off as soon as possible. Stay outta here.

Bring it up with me in person, you scumbags.

Keep the language off here. And grow up. I scrolled through this thng and knew exactly who it was… and you will pay for the public obscenity.

Once again, keep it clean.


Posted by: Aaron on 12/25/02 at 9:31 AM

that’s totally Maniotes pretending to be you… trying to ruffle the northwestern feathers for the big brawl in Chi town. We’ll slay his poser greek ass and dine off the satin vest he is sure to be wearing.

Posted by: ryno on 12/26/02 at 3:54 PM