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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 12, 2002
Holidaze Homestretch
Posted at 08:40 PM

The days are dropping like flies. I fly out next Thursday for a Michigan Holidaze mission. Real excited to see the parents. Always am. I’m flying the friendly skies with my friends at United Airlines. I heard a joke, albeit sick and tasteless and unsettling, the other night on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.

Kilborn: “United Airlines is officially in chapter eleven.”
Fuckers in crowd: “Laughter.”
Kilborn: “Yeah, nothing like chapter eleven to keep the mechanics happy.”
Fuckers in crowd: “More laughter.”


Not so funny to me. I have a fear of flying, that seems to grow and escalate each time I fly. I don’t know what it is? Each flight gets a little weirder. I flew for the first time at 19 years old, so excited and exhilarated by the experience. Melissa isn’t down with it one bit. I remember the deathgrip she had clenched on my arm as the plane too off, and as the airpliner leveled out. Landing was yet another constriction.

Flying out of Austin a couple weeks back was a scary takeoff. Just as we were taking off, climbing like a bat out of hell, the plane did a quick jolt dipping right. I about shit. My hands were clamped… fuckin’ clamped to those protruding armrests. Phew.

- - - -

Things are busy and mean at CINCO. All the principles are either vacationing or on location. Much rowdiness and bouts of language ensue with their departure. A skeleton crew is in the trenches, fighting the good fight. Capozzi and I are neck and neck, peppering our projects with friendly fire. Real good.