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Draplin Design Co., North America

Mom, Dad, the little sisters, Melissa, Big S the Passat, CINCO folks (with an extra helping of Dean, Goo, Waka-waka-moto, Kirk, Ben, Jered and Chris… thanks.), Rose, Bridges, Chief, Campbell, Harry abroad, Floyd+H, the Fender, Gravis Capozzi-n-Calderin, Nixon Heit-n-Dinenna, DJ Skull, all my aunts and uncles, Scott Sullivan, Arlie, Rod, Cooley brothers, Copper Pressers, Jared, SNOWBOARDER magazine, NEMO brothers, Kris, Ange, Ma/Pa Okins, Ole’ Ole Que Burro, PJ, Ryno, Dave+Joanna, Lance V, Chaka, Dabica, Muzzey, Sherowski, Scheuffle, Zirgebel, Adam in NYC, Robin, Fred, Sypniewski, Mark+Tevis, Matt + PamPam, Yamada, Egge, Portofield, Cam, Damien, Godfrey, G.Schley, James Sullivan, Gretch, Squirty Ohio, Minh/Moon, Jamie D, Dimmel and the CSA empire, Misekow, Emily W., JUNO, Fas, Natalie, Megg, Noah+Naomi, Zimmerman, Kassholes, Cavan, Nick S., Metcalf, Chad Smith, Santiago, the Aleshires, Michael Moore, the big black couch, Grandmother memories, Portland rain, AT&T Broadband, the bicentennial logo, the termites around the pad, the space heater in the wall and the dualing pixels-of-fury monitor situation.


….and may “whoever’s up above” please look over little Hannah and little Ruby and little Eva.

There is One Comment

Surely I would have thought that V’s hand made pillows would have made your “damn straight” list right next to the big black couch… don’t they go hand in hand now?

Posted by: Kurt "Cute Ain't Cheap" Halsey on 12/26/02 at 9:57 PM