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November 07, 2002
Teenager for a night.
Posted at 01:56 PM

Last night, once the freelance demons were silenced, I did a little channel surfing to see what I’d come across. It was real late, well past 1am.

Flipping through, I came across the 80’s teenage-angst classic “Lucas” just starting.

It was amazing… watching it with eyes that were double the age I previously saw it. I think I was 13 or something when I first saw it. I remember how tragic it all seemed, and impending. I was set to begin high school and the idea of having to deal with the older kids didn’t sit too well.

I remember how obnoxious that Bruno character seemed. So scary. I started High School at the age of 13 at a Catholic School. I was 5’2”, husky and scared to fucking death. It was a surreal beginning. Not a month into the year, we were introduced to “Freshman Friday.” Oh, the memories. I remember getting hit in the arm so hard, and, kids being cornered and walloped. Pretty intense.

I remember how excited I was to play football. I waited so many years growing up. Well, those fuckers killed it for me. I remember how good it felt to quit the football team.

I don’t miss that freshman year one bit.