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November 04, 2002
Kurt Weekend
Posted at 09:18 AM


And what a weekend it was. Friday night is alright for fightin’ and all, but I chose to go the mellow route and got a jump on the weekend freelance.

Kurt + Vanessa flew in from Milwaukee in the early afternoon on Saturday. They took the MAX in from the airport, gave me a call and waited patiently by the Lloyd Center. I picked the young lovers up and we did a cruise of Portland proper, complete with bridge transfers, neighborhood descriptions and a trip into the bush to get a look/see at “Unicorn Hollow.”

Kurt was in town for his painting show at the Bink Gallery. He had 8 pieces up; 3 paintings/5 drawings. It was a good little show. His work , as soft, sensitive and cute as it is, does find a place in the road-worn, barren landscape of my heart. People enjoy his work. Especially the ladies. That’s what I like about it. It is accessible.

I got to meet some of Portland’s counter culture scenesters, as well as Kurt’s old friend Craig Thompson, an aspiring cartoonist who lives in town here. He has a graphic novel out called “Goodbye Chunky Rice .” The comics world is a tough place. I’m super impressed with his work… everything works: the illustration, pacing, story and overall adaptation to a book. He has a new book in the works, some 500 pages! It has taken him two years! Craig is a super nice kid with a giant heart.

Vanessa is a real catch. Kurt is a lucky man. She’s got a good thinker, and a good vocabulary with words like “vapid” and stuff. She makes amazing “big fashion” clothing creations, with interesting collar thingies and sleeve situations. Very talented, on and off the fabric. We hit it off immediately. Friends forever.

We even made it over to Broadway and 20th to this fee-fee/foo-foo little restaurant called “Colossal” or something. Chris Hotz had a little painting show up. We dropped in to check out the work (a purchase was made for the Factory Floor collection) and see any friends who were hanging out. Many heads were in attendance. Good to see everyone, as always. Thanks to Gretchen for the call.

We rounded out the weekend with a drab vegan meal up on Alberta street and a screening of the prolific Raising Arizona in the comfort of the big couch. Three little leathermasters winding down.

Kurt and Vanessa flew out this morning. They will be missed.

Please click here for some outtakes from the course of events.