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November 05, 2002
Channel Changer.
Posted at 09:44 AM

I broke down and got the cable hooked up. Turns out I really need an internet hookup around the house and in the midst of a particularly verile “sales pitch” from the customer service “specialist” I went for broke and bought the whole farm.

I’ve got some sort of digital cable for 6 months, for around 43 bucks a month. They call it the “platinum” plan. Oh yeah, that’s high-society speak for the telecommunications community around these parts. Lots of channels… all the crappy “premium” ones, news, sports and shit.

Basically, once the so-called “promotion” fizzles, I’ll go back to regular ‘ol cable, and hell, maybe disconnect the whole arrangement. I figure, winter is right around the corner and things will slow down a bit. The plentiful tube selections will come in handy.

I’ll be hooked up on that Internet in mid November. Good. Broadband cable.

- - - -

It was real nice having Kurt + Vanessa around. Good people. Kurt’s paintings damn near sold out that first night. A good little showing of folk was on hand for the deal.

Kurt’s work got me to missin’ Melissa real bad. It has that quality too it. One part sad, one part sappy, one part comforting. Our demise was so hasty and abrupt. I wrastle with it a bunch. I’m still missin’ her, and that’s just how it goes, I ‘spose.

- - - -

I’m trying to lock down a ticket “home for the holidaze.” Lots of net wrangling going on. This is the part I loathe about living far from home: The complications involved in getting back. It was easy to get back from Minneapolis. One quick flight, or by car, etc. Easier on the thinker and on the checkbook. This factors into my decision to make this place home heavily. I liked being close, or, “relatively close” To the parental unit.

- - - -

The rain is coming.