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October 14, 2002
More Apologies
Posted at 11:50 AM

Sorry about the infrequency of updates. This time around, this lack of interaction has been out of my hands. Our connection at work has been in the red, which has us all “digitally crippled.” I have bills piling up and unanswered emails and a mountain of spam trying to sell me viagra and plane tickets. I’m in awe at how much I rely on the web, and these digital relationships involving my bank account and car payments and shit. Kind of scary.

Things have been good though. The weather is heavenly. Cool temps, brisk mornings. The weather guy on TV keeps sayin’ stuff along the lines of, “That rain is right around the corner.” and, “We’re enjoying a unusually high number of sunny days in October.” Whatever the weather, as long as things are cool, I’m cool.

I’m lovin’ the apartment. That couch… oh man, real good. I have logged a couple relaxing hours here and there. The place is a bit lonely though. Part of me likes the quiet, another part of me freaks out. Too solitary at times.

Gocco cards are in production. I’m trying to catch up for a January ship date, to all the good people out there.

A new website is in the works. Many thanks to Nakamoto and Goo for guidance.

- - - -

Saw the Wilco “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” docudrama. Seeing those guys working songs through, arguing, figuring this-n-that out. Pretty interesting. I envy their position. Imagine being able to make music, and do shows and travel, and what not, for a living! Pretty amazing. The confrontational stuff was sort of creepy. Seeing the band in moments of strife is just plain unsettling. Interesting, but unsettling. Overall, it was interesting, but then again, I’m a fan. As far as a storyline is concerned, it was all over the place and a bit disorienting. For all their “unfettered access,” it seems like it all went down in a couple days, or in a couple calculated sessions.

Seeing them in the backstage area of First Ave in Minneapolis got me homesick. I’ve only been back there one time, for a Built To Spill show. A neighbor grew up in Boise, and knew Doug, as he used to roadie for them in the early days. I got to meet the guys. I remember the little room being incredibly dirty. The furniture was pretty torn up.

- - - -

Oklahoma City’s finest: The Flaming Lips are coming to Portland. They are opening for Beck. I plan on going.