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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 30, 2002
As of late...
Posted at 06:37 PM

Phew. I think the new site is somewhat licked. Cam is doing some massaging here and there, but for the most part, everything is functional and fluid.

I’m in the process of compiling stuff for a monster DDC supersite. Let’s just say that this little redesign is the teaser for the big one to come.

My productivity has been at a fever pitch these last couple weeks. CINCO work has been intense, and that has me shifting other things into high gear….

Items benefitting from this heat:

01. Sean’s photo book.
02. House cleaning.
03. Automobile legalizing.
04. My weblog redesign.
05. A trip to Austin with a bunch of dudes.
06. Gocco cards.
07. Guitar playing.
08. Reading.
09. DVD watching.
10. Editorial designs for SNOWBOARDER magazine.
11. Scott Sullivan’s CD packaging.
12. Learning to type.

Basically, I’m keeping myself extremely busy with a ton of good things. Work is so intense, and any free time outside of the daily grind is spent intimately with the big list.

Not too much time for couch loafin’… but I’ll get to a sweet spot where I can settle into that beast for some serious bouts of “not doing a fucking thing but watching tube.”

- - - -

Kurt Frederiksen will be out here this weekend. Very excited to see the kid. He’s gonna be out here for the opening of his painting show at the Bink Gallery on Burnside. He’s coming out from Milwaukee with his gal Vanessa. Good people. We’ll do some sight seeing, chowing, hanging, etc.