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Draplin Design Co., North America
October 19, 2002
A good day.
Posted at 08:30 PM

Having a good day. Nice and cool outside. Got the oil changed, got the emission clearance for the DMV and checked out Floyd’s hardwood floors.

I’m in the process of getting Big S street legal. Plates, registration, emissions, insurance, etc. I’m getting it all transferred up to Oregon. It’s quite a process, sending me on a wild goose chase all over metropolitan Portland.

I just want to get things straight with the rig.

There is One Comment

Flashy new page, if I had not read the recent rants I could have guessed a milestone had been reached in a young Draplin’s journey. Don’t worry to much about the 29 number, age is just a concocted notion of society that is used to limit the activities of the people who comform. It is the people like yourself that give hope to people. Happy birthday, I am rootin for you. If you can find it “The Red & Green show” (check PBS) is a hoot, it should bring back memories of home, Alaska and the many people you have crossed paths with. Take care of yourself.

J Crews

Posted by: John Crews on 10/29/02 at 10:09 PM