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September 22, 2002
Posted at 03:48 PM

Readying the pad for dad’s arrival. Piles of this and that, empty boxes and items for Goodwill have been my focus these last couple days. Everything is coming together. He’ll be here on thursday.

Last night I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 11am. Man, I feel like grillion bucks. I need that sleep from time to time. During the workweek I usually stay up too late and pay the price in the morning.

Man, “Big S” has been running good. He knows dad is coming out, so he’s prepping himself for road miles. Depending on what we end up doing (trip up to Seattle, down to Bend, or just around town) he’ll be up for the challenge.

Went to a little barbeque at Floyd’s last night. His joint is coming along nicely. Marky was over and was building the the brick fireplace. He’s quite the mason. Good kid. The ceilings are smooth, and walls are primed. Floyd is building quite a joint for him and the little lady.

It is 66 outside today. Goddamn beautiful Fall. I love it. Wish I was home with the parents. Wish I could spend September and October in Minneapolis. Those months are amazing there.