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September 12, 2002
Never Again
Posted at 01:35 AM

One year has passed. What a tragedy. Never again, I hope.

- - - -

Everything else seems so petty and peripheral. I’m glad to be alive and healthy. I’m thankful for my situation. I’m proud of the country that allows me to pursue my dreams. We are in a new America now.

San Diego was quite hoot. Lots of chatter and mayhem. I had a little too much to drink and Ma Nature compensated with quite a blow to my constitution. I’ll never be good at those sorts of activities. The whole “action sport” world just doesn’t grab me anymore. Got to see the dudes, and a bunch of other schmucks. Rose, Brudges, Baker, Marty, Sullivan, Hexi, Kassholes, Jared, Michaylira, etc. Good times.

Em Walter sent me an email. It is always wonderful to hear from her. What a mind.

Work is work… with lots to do.

Dad is coming out here in a couple weeks. So much excitement is felt anticipating his arrival. We’re gonna kick this town’s ass. Father-n-son wrecking ball.

Goodnight everyone.