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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 05, 2002
Movin' On Up
Posted at 08:31 PM

I’m moved in. Phew. What a fuckin’ load. I have amassed quite a pile in the course of the last ten years. My library is coming along nicely. I have tried (and failed) to sift through it to pair it down a bit. I can’t part with this stuff. You never know.

The moving deal was hectic, and backbreaking. Many thanks to fuckers like Jared Bogli, Jay Floyd and Mean Dean Gross for their muscle and compassion. These kings were there for me when the freight needed to be unloaded. Words can’t express the sort of admiration I feel.

Tomorrow morning I’m heading down to San Diego for the ASR tradeshow. Goo and I are gonna cruise down to meet with our clients. If course, we’ll peruse the show, collecting catalogs and “seeing where everything is at.” I’m excited. I like this stuff. I love seeing all the new graphics and ideas. Plus, the fuckin’ place is crawlin’ with T& A! (Sorry, just kidding, but, it is the truth. Many, many loose lookin’ ladies are used as eye candy for lackluster booths. Sadly, this ploy works and attracts many gawkers.)

Work has been hectic. No shortage of things to do. Sort of maddening.

Last night I went to battle with some large bugs. 6 or so made their way in. I collected one as specimen (to show the landlord) and smashed the hell out of the rest. I did some research this morning and think they might be some sort of mean termite. They are black, and almost a goddamn inch long! Burly. I’m not down with bugs.

Went and saw Wilco the other night. Robin scored some free tickets so we went down and caught a good hour or so of it all. Tweedy is quite the smart ass. Hecklin’ the crowd and crackin’ little jokes. The polar opposite of Farrar in so many ways. They have a good quality to them, loose yet together. I nodded along to a handful of songs and we split.