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This week’s infrequent updates are dedicated to my Aunt Mary and my Uncle Terry. We’re talking about good people here folks, so don’t mess with ‘em.

- - - -

Had an amazing weekend full of basically nothing. I took things easy and tuned up the pad a bunch. Same old, same old. Unpack this, unpack that, throw out this/that. It’s a “sifting” process of sorts, trying (and failing) to decide what I need to survive. I can’t shake a lot of this stuff. Think of it like this: I need these things to live, and damned if I‘m gonna part with any of ‘em.

I got a new rig in at work. A screamin’ double gig processor, giant hard drive, slick Itunes transfer rate and four holes on the hood scoop that don’t make any sense. Thanks to CINCO for outfitting me so well. A good investment, made by smart thinkers. No sense buying seeds when you can buy the whole garden?

Saw Rod Snell on Friday night. He came up with his gal for a quick dinner and some chattin’. He’s a good guy.

Dad will be here next week. Portland: Watch out, that tool-hustlin’ Pollack is ready for action. As a payback for years of abuse and scorn, he’s sleeping on bare hardwood floors. I have set aside an old wash cloth to be used as his blanket. It’s payback time.

I wish Mom was coming out, but she is opting to stay back to guard the ranch. I’ll see her this fall, as I hope to make a trek back in late October.

- - - -

Lots of new stuff to listen to:

1. Richard Buckner – Impasse-ette
2. Little Wings – Light Green Leaves
3. Replacements – Stink
4. Replacements - Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash
5. Idaho – We Were Young And We Needed the Money
6. Archer Prewitt – Three
7. Bottle Rockets – Songs of Sahm
8. Julian Snow Index
9. Neko Case – Blacklisted
10. Scenic – The Acid Gospel Experience

- - - -

Just me and my records, taking things in, enjoying my time.