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Draplin Design Co., North America
August 26, 2002
Everything Is Falling Into Place
Posted at 11:20 AM

Busy weekend, office-wise. We have some big projects in the works involving all the troops. I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon at CINCO chuggin’ away on our duties.

My new apartment is locked down. I move in this weekend, starting on Friday. It’s about 650 sq ft, hardwood floors, big kitchen, cool closets, close to laundry across the hall and in a mellow neighborhood. I’m excited to make it mine and get all of my belongings in one safe place again. I’m tired of this “all my stuff in a storage space” shit. Too fragmented. I need to be with my books and discs and stuff. Man, I can’t wait to get back to my bed!

So I’ll be moving in later on this week.

- - - -

Saw Jamie Donatuto last night. She was down from Washington for the weekend for a wedding. We ran around town, had some chow, went to Powell’s bookstore, etc. It was good to see her. We caught up on all the Bend folk updates. She is an “Environmental Specialist” working for the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community on the Olympic Peninsula outside of Seattle. It is so beautiful up there. She’s doing well for herself, readying herself for more global adventures. She’s been all over hell.

I’m gonna go up to Seattle in late September for a weekend to see Arlie, do a tour of Sub Pop and spend a rustic night at Jamie’s compound out in the sticks.

No running water and a “compost pile” to do yer dirty work on. Interesting.

- - - -

There is talk of my dad coming out to see me this fall. Man, we’ll kick this town’s ass. I’d love to get him out here for a week. Oregon needs him.

Rod Snell is laying low, getting the new ranch up to speed in Oregon City. I can’t wait to see his new joint. He’s good people. A brother.

- - - -

Factory Floor late summer readin’ list:

1. Trailer Travel: A Visual History of Mobile America by Philip Noyes
2. Reinventing the Wheel by Jessica Helfand
3. Moby Dick by Herman Melville
4. Stupid White Men by Jessica Helfand
5. The Coen Brothers by Ronald Bergan
6. Are You Ready For the Country? by Peter Doggett