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August 06, 2002
Ditch Living
Posted at 11:58 AM

Yeah, the updates have been infrequent. Just been in bit a of a ditch lately with everything. Don’t get me wrong, work is so good and I’m lovin’ the city, but, things have just bit a bit gray. Friends have been dropping in, titles like Tim Zimmerman and John Cavan, Ben and Matt Cooley, etc. It’s good to be able to run with colleagues. Thanks guys. This last bunch of weeks since the “demise” of that goddamn girl situation have been strangely challenging. Things just seem peculiar. Parts of me wish she was around, and other parts are glad she is the hell out of here. It’s a tug-a-war, and an ugly one at that. How does one just sort of “get back to regular ‘ol living” after such a crummy deal? It’s fucked. Sorry about the sappy stuff, and hell, I’m trying to be bulletproof, but fear some hot

The weather has been amazing. Nice, cool days with chilly nights. August? I thought this was supposed to be the hot months in the Lower 48? I’m loving that part of Portland: agreeable weather. The nights are cool enough, around 50 degrees! Good sleepin’ weather. Goo said that “August and September are the best months in Portland. Sounds good.

I have been putting calls in around town shopping for an apartment. I need a place locked down by the 1st of September. We’ll see how the cards play out. There are so many “for rent” signs out there around these neighborhoods. It shouldn’t be a problem finding a joint.