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July 21, 2002
The Place To Myself
Posted at 10:06 PM

Been enjoying having the place to myself. The rebuilding process after the fall has been slow and steady. I’m feeling a ton better about everything. Many thanks to my friends and family for their ears these last bunch of days. Rose, Jay, Fred, Mom…. good people.

I’m enjoying this new sort of “appreciation” for my current situation. A good flat, a great job, health, friends, a good city and the most refreshing breeze a heat-loathin’ troglodyte like myself could ask for. With Melissa gone, I have yet another “second wind” phenomena in me. Just like last year when she split, once the stingin’ subsides, you realize it’s in yer best interest to move on , and in a hurry. You gotta get back to livin’. And that’s what I’m doing.

I got a new mop and gave the place a serious spit shine. Actually, upon her departure, she gave the place a good scrub too. At least the joint was tidy as I got back. I appreciated that one part of coming home to the empty place. Once again, I feel like I’m making the place “mine” or something, versus, “ours.” Just like last summer. When she split I had to start over. I cleaned and organized and got the place up and running.

So I’m enjoying it. Cooking meals, making lunches for work, watching movies, reading, walking and wondering.

And yeah, I got the Legos out. I dragged the collection up those friggin’ stairs and am in the process of organizing the bricks by color and specialty. I’m gearing up for a large operation, a creation of such a grand scale, of the sort unprecedented on the factory floor. Rhajer Cameron, no stranger to the bricks himself, has inspired me (for the grillionth time) to attack the bricks with a new found vengeance. Special thanks go out to Dad for his recent fruitful additions to the collection. He’s on the prowl for me, keeping an eye open whilst garage-sailing. And you bet, he’s got an eagle eye for the Real McCoy. His eagle eye can spot a traitor from an arm’s length away. No Tyco or Mega Block chumps will invade this motherfucker’s collection.

- - - -

Saw Rose and Jared on Thursday. On their way up to Hood, they stopped to chat a bit. Rose went shirtless in no time, due to the humid constraints of the penthouse. We caught up on all the latest. It was good to see them. I’m sure we’ll catch up again before they head back down to Assholeville, California.

- - - -

That new Flaming Lips is real good.

Fred Green has been sniffin’ around lately. We have been hangin’ out a bunch lately. All shit talkin’ aside, we share a bond that was cemented by a grillion beads of sweat, drops of blood and charred hunks of prime rib during our tenure in the Alaskan theater. I can’t shake the motherfucker. We are brothers. I look forward to suffering with him during my time here in the big/little Portland.

Hope everyone is enjoying July, wherever port you might be reading this post from.