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July 17, 2002
Not All That / All That
Posted at 11:32 AM

Monster’s Ball wasn’t all that. I was hoping it would have that little something, that clever hook that would make the story memorable. In all honesty, I was actually fast forwarding through parts. Billy Bob was good. or, maybe he just sort of “wasn’t” or something. He has this ability to make himself so transparent. Hally Berry was too polished. Hollywood bullshit. No big whup.

Get off yer ass and get over to the record store. Pick yerself up a copy of the new Flaming Lips long player, “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots.” Music for the human race. Grand, adventurous, uplifting, oblique, convex, large. Say mother earth needed a soundtrack; the Lips would be men for the job.

Each time I pass through Oklahoma City I make a stop at Wayne Coyne Manor. I pay my respects and jump back onto the interstate.

- - - -

Rose and Jared E. are coming up tomorrow. They have some business to take care of up at Mt. Hood. Summer hijinx involving Jeenyus operations. It’ll be good to see them. They are good people. Rose has offered good conversation in the last couple weeks. I need it as of late. Been in a peculiar rut. He’s a good brother. Thanks.

- - - -

The Portland weather the last week or so has been amazing. Days up to around 85 degrees, nice cool nights. Good summer living. This climate is beautiful. Bring on the rain. I look forward to the gray skies and wet shoulders.