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Draplin Design Co., North America
July 01, 2002
Damn, that week went by right quick.
Posted at 10:54 AM

Lots of action including a daytrip to Encinitas, SoCal to go over some Nixon watch proceedings. It was really cool. Got to meet all the Nixon people and get a glimpse of their operations. It was a very productive day.

Been real busy on the job front. Lots of projects to wrap up before tomorrow night. I’m flying back to the homeland early, early Wednesday morning. Lots of connections. I fly to St. Louis, then Chicago, then up to Traverse City. Phew! I’ll be at the Draplin compound the days including the 3rd through the 9th. Nice lon weekend with Ma/Pa. Lots of friends will be in the area also so we’ll all have to meet up and raise hell.

Evan Rose may even may an appearance on his summer circuit. Northern Michigan, beware. He’s talking some big game here, about Cherry festival this and Cherry Royale Parade that, etc. We’ll see if he can make it outta SoCal for some down home Michigan summertime.

Lots of Gocco action being wrapped up. Cards are being collated. Envelope situations resolved. It’s all coming to a head.

Adam Michaels swept through town this over the weekend. It was good to see him. He’s on one beast of a roadtrip with his friend Brett. He flew out to bigtown Los Angeles and they cruised up the coast, and will continue up to Sea-town, over to Minneapolis, then Chicago and finally New York City. Man, to be young and on the road. Beautiful. He’s doing really good. The city has been good for him. We had some chow, talked about our respective employment dynamics and then capped the night off with a cold one at the Matador up on Burnside Ave.

Couple days of slaughter and I’m back to Michigan. Real excited.