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July 31, 2002
August And Everything After
Posted at 04:21 PM

Here we are, a week later. Tomorrow is August 1st. I welcome the new month with opens arms and a plea for cool temperatures. I know August can be the hot one, so I’m hopin’ it’ll go easy on me up here in Portland.

Had a great weekend. Enjoyed my new DVD player, organized Legos, roamed around town, slept in, read, cleaned and caught up on the Once-A-Month production duties. The kits are almost finished and will be shipped promptly.

Matt Cooley came over last night. He needed a shower and ended up spending the night on the couch. Little fucker. He’s a good kid, with a above-average thinker. People often take him the wrong way, because in all honesty, he is smarter than they are. Funny young man.

Work is good. Haven’t had a late night in awhile. Been getting home by 6:30ish, by which I’d like to thank folks like Dean Gross and Goo Phemister from work. The projects have been doled out in such a way where I can pace a good day’s work without going into the wee hours.