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June 06, 2002
The Man Who Wasn't There
Posted at 11:15 AM

Last night I watched “The Man Who Wasn’t There” with Billy Bob Thornton and Frances McDorman. Yet another Coen Brothers joint, and what a God Damn, red-blooded masterpiece it was. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has their favorites, so let me express some sentiment myself:

The Coen Brothers are the sort of moviemakers that give the craft a good name.

What an amazing offering. Where should I start? Everything works. The peculiarity and unsettling believability of the characters, the extraordinary vernacular, the cinematography, the mood… it all comes together so amazingly well in their films. Everything seems to fit.

Their decision-making is clever. That’s the most intriguing part; how the stories challenge you to think around things, and beyond the current banal movie standards. Movies more often than not let me down. I’ll see something that is either sloppy or predictable and that’ll be the end of it for me.