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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 17, 2002
Motherly Enterprises
Posted at 01:26 PM

Happy Birthday to my Mom. She’s a good one, and I miss her terribly. I hope yer day is good, take things easy. I’ll be seeing her in a couple weeks as I’m going back to Traverse City for some rest and relaxation. I have only one objective for the whole mission: To hang out with my Mom and Dad for a 6 good days. That’s it. All the rest is icing on the cake. I just want to hang with them. I’m tired of being away from home. As much as I love my new city and job and situation, I still ache at the fact that I’m a continent away. I’m not down with being far away anymore, for whatever reason. I guess I just realize that family is far more important than opportunity. It’s a tough battle.

So I’m going home, and I’m gonna see my family. I can’t wait.

Speaking of good motherly enterprises: It’s been two years since my Gramma Leo passed away. We miss her. I miss her. She was a good gramma to all of us. I’ll never forget the last time I spoke with her. Faced with so much, she still had that little laugh in her voice, “Hiya kid.” It tore me up. Still does.

Remembering her: Key words/subjects/places/faces include: Milford, Regis, Budweiser, round glasses, one really big mole, a gigantic dark blue Thunderbird, sugar cereal (Uncle Kevin’s cache), bursts of laughter, Bogey Lake, sleeping with the TV on and “I’m gonna tell you one thing…”

She is missed and remembered daily.

Work is good. We are busy and productive.