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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 03, 2002
Happy Birthday To Cinco
Posted at 12:48 PM

Tonight is the CINCO 4 year anniversary party. It will be a good time. Everyone invited their friends and colleagues from around town. Hopefully we’ll have a good turnout. Shit gets going around 7pm. Bring a friend and get loaded.

Melissa starts her job today. Imagine that. She’s working at the 5th Avenue Embassy Suites in downtown Portland. I’m so glad she’s employed. Phew. Things have been tight a bit without her contribution. Our economics are so much more reasonable up here. It was a never-ending battle down in fuckville, California. That place was expensive and misleading. I hated the feeling of knowing that unless you were making some giant bucks, things were gonna always be tight. I’m excited that she’s gonna be able to get caught up fast in our new situation. She’ll do just fine up here, and have some pocket money too. I hope the place works out for her.

The new Wilco album is great. Get a listen. The packaging is really nice. The whole production, music and design and general feel, makes Chicago look enticing.

Hope everyone had a good workweek. Things are good up here. Portland is treating us really good.