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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 28, 2002
Giant News Involving Creation
Posted at 11:01 AM

News from the Womb: Bry-n-Tracey Aleshire are expecting. Good news from good people. Bry called and had such an excitement to his voice. It’s pretty amazing. I’m already thinking it’s gonna be a boy, as I’m gonna be the reckless Uncle Aaron who lets him swear around me and such. Congrats to the Aleshires.

Word to Tracey: You are gonna have to lay off the drinkin’ and fightin’ stuff for awhile, to insure proper incubation for the little one. I know, I know, it ain’t easy, but just until the little one is out and about.

Bry and Tracey met back in the Fall of ‘92, in one of the harshest autumns known to mankind. Against all odds, they prevailed and have built quite a life and homestead in Northern Michigan. Have that many years already gone by?

I’m proud to be on Bry Aleshire’s team. He’s passed on many things to me over the years, from knowledge of skateboard tricks to innovations in upholstery technology. He’s gonna be a such a good Dad. Good news that made my whole weekend. Congratulations.