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April 26, 2002
Westerberg Was Amazing
Posted at 09:08 PM

Hello to everyone in the land of the free, and maybe not-so-free. (We cover our bases for all walks of life.)

Another work week gone by. Lots of good stuff finished up the last couple days. The pace is pretty rad. There is always something to be tuned up, or looked over. I completed my 4th work week today. 20 days down. I’m diggin’ the place. I’m getting drafted into a different project. More news as things settle.

All shook down: Westerberg, Westerberg.

First off, I found myself in “fan mode,” anxiously awaiting his entrance. That was refreshing. Haven’t felt that in awhile. Melissa made light of my jitters and excitement with her rolling eyes. He rolled in, set up and played a jumbled acoustic set filled with old faves and new stuff. He’d forget parts, stop, say something coy, drift off under the laughter and start it up to finish the song. He handled the place pretty well. Then they formed a line for signatures. Autographs? Aw, what the hell. We jumped in line and waited out turn.

It was pretty cool. Each person got a chance to have some small talk with him. I got a handshake and had him autograph this old promo “14 songs” promo piece. He was very gracious and gritty. He’s got quite a weathered veneer, slightly reeking of cigar with one serious gray set of teeth. I’m a fan. I got to thank him for the tunes.

His little kid and wife were walking around. What a resemblance in the little tyke.

I often thought of the guy when I’d be cruising around Minneapolis. Where’d he live? Did he write his songs in some dirty little basement, or in some studio? is that him in line at the grocery store? Y’know, general “fan” questions.

Hope everyone had a good week. Bring on the weekend. Melissa and I are gonna kick things off with a trip to Target tonight.