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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 09, 2002
Posted at 06:33 PM

Some words for the naysayers: (Oh yeah, you know who you are….)

Rant: You wanna know something, I’m fucking glad to be the out of Southern California. For those of you “predicting” the same sort of “California loathing” to come out of me in this Portland setting, well, you are sadly mistaken. This place is good. That place is bad. This place fits, sorry. Have fun spending the top dollar for congestion. Dig that sun. Enjoy the inflated dollar, as it doesn’t go too far in those parts. I’ll stop.

I’ve heard a lot of talk along the lines of, “Shit, you’ll be bitchin’ about that place in no time.” Nope.

I knew within a couple days SoCal was fucked. All ya gotta do is drive through it.

Happy Californians, when the big one hits, you’ll be hoping yer headin’ north or east. Until then, enjoy the fabricated suffocation.