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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 05, 2002
Posted at 02:00 PM

Thoughts on Portland living: I’m digging the place. It has the same feel that Minneapolis had for me. Big city, small city… things to do, things to see and just enough hustle-n-bustle to deal with. New York’s tight confines have a sense of claustrophobia, Los Angeles’ glamour has an air of superficiality. Portland feels good. People are walking around, riding their bikes, eating at little cafes. I like the sense of community I see around us. We have everything we need close to us: Work, grocery stores, buslines, highways, along with fun stuff like record stores, book stores and niteclubs. Things are good and I’m extremely thankful for our current situation.

Tonight I’m gonna catch Richmond Fontaine at Berbati’s Pan. With any luck I’ll see the Fred Green, undercover or not. This is why I moved here; to have things to do on my level.

Diggin’ the Portland.