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April 19, 2002
Portland Rhythm
Posted at 12:02 PM

The days have been going by fast.

Friday already? Fuck. Funny how a “workweek” can feel more like a “workday” at a glance.

There isn’t too much to report. I wake up, go to work, work, go home, call it a night. I like the rhythm.

Next Tuesday is gonna be pretty amazing. Paul Westerberg is appearing in town to do an “in-store” at a local record store. You can bet yer ass I’ll be there to catch a glimpse. In the past bunch years I’ve grown into quite a Westerberg fan. I guess it’s the Minneapolis connection, the cynicism and the romanticism of simple rock-n-roll. I put him up there on the list with other notable artist such as: Jay Farrar, J Mascis, Wayne Coyne, etc. I guess what I like so much about these guys is their respective mystiques. They don’t give out too much of their personal lives. Rightfully so. So many fuckers out there offer it all up, as they have to. What these guys don’t tell you is the most interesting part of being a fan. Wondering about their processes, their hometown situations, etc. They are regular people. I’m a fan.