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April 28, 2002
A Beautiful Movie
Posted at 03:13 PM

Last night we went and saw “A Beautiful Mind.” We enjoyed it. I loved the sets. Especially his office with the code-breaking collages on the walls. That was fascinating. They did a phenomenal job with the settings. I really belived they were back in time. So many movies lose me with bad set design. I don’t know why, but that will fuck with me and sort of make me overlook the power of the overall performance. Little details shouldn’t matter as much I suppose, but they do.

In fact, I noticed a scene last night where they jump to “Princeton, 1994” and just as the subtitle fades away you see a couple kids walk across the screen. One of the kids is wearing these New Balance kicks from around 1999. I had the same pair. That bummed me out. How can a kid be wearing 1999 kicks in 1994? That’s the sort of shit that bums me out. This giant movie made my the elite entertainment folks, and some scrub can’t ge the era right? Hollywood dicks.

Crowe’s performance was pretty amazing. Schizophrenia. I can’t imagine the terror one must feel trying to ascertain real things in a dillusional world. It was a powerful performance.