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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 15, 2002
So Close
Posted at 05:54 PM

One more week to go. Next Friday is my last day on the job. We’ll spend the weekend cleaning up the beach condo and packing up the gear. We load the Ryder on Monday morning and push off that afternoon.

Take that, Southern California!

Real excited to be pushing off to a new land. Portland is gonna be great. I have a good gig lined up, good friends to waste time with, all in a beautiful neck of the city/woods.

I’m wrapping up various mag duties, feeling a bit sad as the end nears. As I keep telling my colleaugues and supervisors in the office: “Come to think about it, this is gonna be harder for you than it is for me.” Har-har.

Real glad to be getting the hell out of SoCal. Little sad I’m leaving the a good mag team.