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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 07, 2002
Official Press Release
Posted at 10:20 PM

Hello to all the concerned family, friends and foes who check in for the news concerning my recent employment developments.

I accepted the postion with the CINCO DESIGN OFFICE today. It felt really good. I’m really excited for the new chapter. My little life has been hectic these last couple weeks. A good sort of “hectic.” Everybody has been patient and understanding. Even the landlord lady. Thanks to everyone wrangled into this little fiasco.

Truth is, this has been a surprisingly hard decision. There are just too many factors that pop up along the process. All good things, as I weigh my decision and commitment to Portland and the future. My heart is set on that Minneapolis for some reason, and it pains me. But it’ll be there later on. It’s been hard weighing my options. I’m gonna miss the dudes in the office…terribly, I think. SoCal? Hell no, not one bit. Not one god damn iota. This place can fall off into the ocean for all I care. The work is just too fun and it’s an “office” environment that I’ve dialed in pretty well.

So we’re going. I do sense a small coup of sorts amassing at the office with some secret plans. Hmmm.