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January 07, 2002
Vegas Is Behind Us
Posted at 12:50 AM

Back from the road, again.

Ryno and Kaia from Minneapolis are in town for a week vacationing. We decided to head out to Vegas for the night Saturday morning. 300 miles north by northeast and you are on the strip living large. We cruised up, smooth sailing as always thanks to Big S, and secured a room at the Tropicana. King-size bed for 50 clams. 25 clams per couple. No sweat. In Vegas you gotta have ample shelter locked down. The spontaneity of the theme park atmosphere calls for having a secure place to make yer way back to once you’ve “gambled/drank/whatevered” yer fill.

It was an eventful night. We chowed, gambled a bit, gawked, hiked and made our way back to our beds. Ryno and Kaia, possibly pondering a drive-thru wedding, stayed out a bit later. Good for them Fun place to be a young couple.

The Oregon trip kicked our ass. We still haven’t been able to charge up the batteries after that hellride. Then to head back on the road to Vegas? Whoa, brutal. We just need some time to chill, get some sleep and work our jobs real hard. These highways take their toll on you. One has to be in the right frame of mind. To enjoy the road you need an open-ended timeframe. That’s the best. This timed, exacted, stressed traveling is for the birds.

Farrar is playing down in these parts in a month. Real excited to see that drab bastard. He’s amazing, really. Not too much the showman, and that’s what makes him worth every penny.

I’ve got some fun projects on the horizon with the mag. Gearing up for Vegas in a month. Yikes.