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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 14, 2002
Time Flies
Posted at 04:59 AM

Another week gone by. Kickin’ ass trying to get all the projects off to the printerman. Long hours and late nights in front of the Cinema Display. Good real estate. No sweat. Fun project in the works for the tradeshow in Vegas.

Melissa had a mellow weekend, commanding the middle cushion of our weatherted couch.

Ryno and Kaja flew back to Minneapolis on Thursday. It was good to see that fucker. We had fun with ‘em. Kaja equalizes him. She keeps her cool and handles him well. Tough girl, considering his cold, hard ways. Ryno collected some misties here and there and got to see the better parts of Orange County during his stay. I don’t think he’ll be moving here anytime soon, as he thinks the place is a dump. I share the same sentiment. See you back in the cities, my comrade.

Goodnight from the left coast.