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January 03, 2002
A New Year... Man, Portland Was Good
Posted at 02:27 AM

Back from the road. We kicked the 5’s ass up and down the West Coast.

Real tired of being in that rig with Melissa. We need a little break from each other. Good gal, love her and all, but damn, we need some space! 1000 miles up, 1000 miles down. Treacherous passes, black ice, sasquatches, burbs, etc. A long haul to go see my good people in the Oregon. Thanks to Jay+Heather, Yamada, Pam+Porchrooster, Fink+Jenn, Bartel NEMO, Graves NEMO, Hillary+Runway Benji, Movie Critic Cooley, BrOwen+Amber, Portermouth+Ange, Gretch+Hotz and Maurice+Sherman for good times, hospitality, couches, licks, handshakes and hi-fives.

Ryno and Sweetheart are flying in tomorrow night. California will never be the same.