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September 12, 2001
The Day After
Posted at 12:38 PM

I went home “early” last night at 6pm. Funny how that feels early to me. Lame. Ususally stay late to fight it out on the screen.

Utterly transfixed by the coverage on the tube. Analyzed the shocking images, the questionable data, the horrifying accounts…most troubling for me were the personal accounts from people directly involved in the exodus out of the WTC. My thinker can’t comprehend that sort of fear.

We are all involved. That is all there is too it. But, for someone on ground zero in NYC, I can’t imagine the terror they experienced yesterday. A lot of heroic people on that island yesterday, and even today.

Went to bed early, quiet, lonely. Wanted to be home in Michigan with my parents or in my old apartment in Minneapolis around friends.