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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 30, 2001
BREAKING NEWS: (Draplindustries Factory Floor AP)
Posted at 03:01 PM

Customers of the Month: October

It is reported, with much joy and honor, that Evan Rose and Aaron James Draplin were recently awarded with the highly-acclaimed “Customer of the Month” status by the good people of Wahoo’s Fish Tacos of San Clemente, California. These are large shoes to fill, and even larger plates to clean off. This title comes with it many duties and benefits. All it takes is a simple, “I’ll take The Usual.” at the counter and our favorites plate combinations are processed and served piping hot. These sophisticated codes keep daily operations streamlined. “Loc Status” never knew such good representatives. Chicken Bowl, white beans, extra flour tortilla and a Coke, etc. The honorees were invited to the grand opening of the new Costa Mesa store.

IN OTHER NEWS: (Draplindustries Factory Floor AP)

Yesterday was a good day.

It started with a jaunt north into the “Inland Empire*,” up towards Ponoma. The little downtown section is an amazing antique shop network�two blocks of shop after shop. I’m sure at one time they were thriving businesses, but now, just remnants of times gone by, selling items from those old days. (*Mile after mile of sprawling suburbs.)

We kicked that downtown’s ass.

(That is our little refrain after conquering the street fair/flea market/antique shop. Once finished, we stop on the way out and triumphantly state, “We kicked this ______’s ass.” ) I remember Rose screaming something along the lines of that as we were leaving the Rose Bowl Flea Market a couple months back. People didn’t understand. We did.

After many stops seeking treasures and snatching images of the amazing liquor signs, we made out way into Hollyweird for a little frolic. Amazing scene. Creepy scene. What do people do for fun? Go out? Stay in? Where is the “hip” spot? Where is the “un-hip” but “hip” spot? We had to wonder in that neck of the woods. The place is known for its nitelife. (Think Sunset Strip back in the 80’s or something for a second.) Upon Dalgart’s advice we enjoyed a quick one at the Burgundy Room. No big whup.

We made our way back to the Orange County soon after. Treasures in tow, we reveled in our small victories of “item of interest” rescues.