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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 21, 2001
Submit The Fuckin' Pages Already
Posted at 11:03 AM

Still fightin’ this thing out. Couple more crucial pages and it’s over. Lookin’ forward to getting out of here for a couple days to clear the ‘ol thinker up a bit. maybe off east to the mojave desert or maybe even further to the grandest of canyons? Gonna let the wind pick my course.

Each cotton-pickin’ morning we come in here and exclaim, “Alright, no more fuckin’ around. The pages are going out TODAY! Arrrggghh!” Then we break the huddle and head back to our little stations. Then we “work.” Brawling it out with the usual racket of executive lunches, upper management meetings, AOL love chats, interview-hoping “pro” riders and wondering interns seems to set up a network of forks in the road. Can’t get shit done.

My sister Sarah called and said, “How come you don’t update yer site?” I thought I did. So this one’s for her. I guess she got herself a new car, a Blazer or something. Y’know, something sturdy for battling the wilds of suburbia Detroit.

Went home last night at 5pm. Imagine that. Felt weird to be leavin’ this joint with daylight to spare. Really. Went home and got the tube goin’. Watched a cat try to outrun the fuzz up in cesshole LA. I was absolutely transfixed with the whole thing. “Late Breaking News”, man throwing his life away on channel nine…see it here live! He finally ran out of gas after looping around freeways for four hours. He rolled to a stop and sat there for another three hours or something. The “thorough” reporters covered the whole thing. Lots of speculation, lots of wondering, lots of bullshit commentary by ex-cops and plastic surgery anchorfucks. Good livin’ down here. Fun for the whole family.