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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 04, 2001
Real Excited For Bed Delivery
Posted at 06:11 PM

The office rumbling has been reduced down to one cackling Kanter. And let me tell you, that voice can fill up a dead space right quick. The woman can chat. Yikes.

The silence is due to the Superpark festivities up at Mammoth Mountain. The crew is up there readying the area for the group of riders coming in from all points of the globe. Personally, the last thing in the world I want to do is hangout on snow, bored to the point of sympathetic, forced enebriation, watching dudes hit jumps. No thanks.

I’ll keep watch of the post back here. I hope the conditions hold up and lots of ripper show up.

My mattress should show up tomorrow. Very excited to bed down in the new quarters. Expect a full report on monday.

So here’s a question to the readers of this fine weblog: Who’s reading this stuff? Testify. Drop me a line with yer thoughts: weblog_garbage@draplindustries.