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April 08, 2001
The "Bullshit Award" Goes Too:
Posted at 03:24 PM

Big Night Out: Los Angeles / ESPN Action Sports and Music Awards

1. Got a handshake from Brian May of Queen.
2. Got a handshake from James Hetfield of Metallica. “Metal Up Your Ass, Man.”
3. Stage Hi-jinx from NOFX .
4. Seeing lots of stars in their element and wondering, “Why?”
5. Shooting the shit with extreme athletes from all disciplines.
6. Expensive, watered-down beers.
7. Evel Kneivel.
8. Black Sabbath, in all their glory and age, rocking one song: “Paranoid.”

9. Ozzy Osbourne saying “Fuck” so many times and other undistinguishable slurs.
10. The crew of Jackass kicking each other in the balls on stage, etc, etc, etc.

1. Over-production of everything.
2. Conspicuous awards given to recipients, based on media affiliations. Hmmm?
3. Hollywood’s up-and-coming “stars” reading heartless teleprompters.
4. Whoever wrote the complete bullshit spewing from the heartless teleprompters.
5. Any stage reference to the “Lord”, and otherwise.
6. Bullshit bands: Incubus, CrazyTown, etc. Painful to get through there sets.
7. Evel Kneivel’s eulogy about, “Being the best you can be.”
8. General Lurking and Bro/Brah-ing.
9. People on cellphones looking interesting.
10. See #1 again.

Burn, Hollywood, Burn.