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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 05, 2001
On The Hunt
Posted at 01:52 PM

Car shopping with the dregs of society. Part One.

This ongoing saga continues, with new experiences worth mentioning each time I set foot on a car lot. More on those later. Man, talk about slicksters. I’m trying to educate myself in all of this. Have to learn the angles on finance spiels and on-site tactics. Rose has been giving me crash courses in “wheelin’-n-dealin’. He’s a natural. Get this, when he bought his car, just prior to signing he was gently asked to take his business elsewhere. Imagine that, car salesman asking you to leave? Amazing. His behavior, as obnoxious as it might have been, was absolutely necessary considering the shark infested waters he was wading in. He owned the place. He got a good deal and split. You have to waltz in there and own the conversation. You’ve got to act like you’ve done it before and aren’t gonna let yerself get screwed. Done.

Wish Dad was here to guide me in this time of need. He’s been helpful in this project via telephone. Each time I call him he offers a couple more pointers.

So the hunt is still on.

New? Used? Never gonna waste the bucks on the ‘lease’ crap. SUV? Econo-rig? Mini-Van? Each time I jump on the freeway the thinker gets clogged with options, tactics and strategies. Those beautiful rigs pass me up and I get to wondering. Just gotta pace myself, educate the thinker and make a good decision when the time is right.

Need a rig real bad.