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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 20, 2001
Upper Peninsula Michigan
Posted at 07:29 PM

Life up here in Upper Peninsula Michigan is peaceful and calm. The snows fall, the snowbanks grow, and life goes on…with warm hats, gloves and zipped-up coats as the local uniform. Everyone we have encountered has been amazing. We come in peace, preaching the good word of the mag, testifyin’ for the pages of our periodical, faithful disciples in the power and glory of printed snowboarding adventures. And we’re not just preachin’ to the converted, those wide-eyed, inquisitive snowboarders lurking in the shadows of the day’s stunt; we offer this crusade up to all who cross our path, and share our words with all who will listen. Snowboarder Magazine, glory be.

Our update: The Mt. Bohemia chronicles are in the bag. The photos have been snapped, bits of culture compiled and new friendships made. I’m excited to design the fucker up later on this spring.

We’re back in Marquette for the night readying the troops for an array of local stunts hidden in the quiet, snow-covered countryside.

In a couple days I’ll be down around Traverse City. I plan on goin’ AWOL and headin’ for homebase and the open arms of the parental unit. ‘Til then, take care and enjoy the good days of January wherever you are.