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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 06, 2001
A Threat
Posted at 01:01 PM

You better’ve went and checked out the Snowboarder site. These fuckers are working hard to keep it fresh and daily updated. Maybe snowboarding isn’t your deal, nevertheless, it’s worth a stop whilst surfing. Chaka.

The first card of our “Once-A-Goddamn-Month” series was sent off yesterday. I set a record this time with the outgoing numbers. Hope everyone enjoys them. Card no.2 is in the works rights now on the Factory Floor. Our engineers are tooling and refining some thermographic processes. That is all we’ll say. Big plans, small brains, high hopes.

Today we are heading into the hills, east, towards Lake Elsinore. Rose is driving us in his beautiful VW Passat wagon, and we need to say, “Thanks, man.” We are on a search for treasures. Dad taught me when I was young the importance of a man’s treasures. Sacred items. “Mistys” as my East Coast affiliates might say. I’m in the process of organizing proper shelf units to display my smaller treasures back at the ranch. We’re gonna find something amazing today…I can feel it in the bones.

“Never retreat. Never explain. Get it done and let them howl.” -Benjamin Jowett