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December 27, 2000
Man, am I glad the
Posted at 04:17 PM

Man, am I glad the Christmas Holi-daze is over. I mean, sure, I’ll have the spirit for a couple more weeks and all, but, I’m glad it’s behind me. Usually, the lone rambler in me handles the distance from the parents pretty well. This year was different. Being surrounded by California made things even uglier. I look forward to the day when I can split this place…take myself and my gear back to the Midwest…to a simpler place that isn’t as fast. Even though I’m on the beach and this is the “mellow” place in Southern California, it just doesn’t feel fellow. Feels hectic.

Booked a ticket today for a trip back to the Midwestlands. Trip objective: Cover a couple Midwest snowboardin’ hot spots. Those spots are top secret. The massive snows back there have triggered some interest in the mag. So we’re gonna go back and check some stuff out. Hopefully, I’ll be able to swing by Traverse City for a little visit too.