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Draplin Design Co., North America

The Draplindustries Factory Floor is proud to announce the heightened arrival of much-needed equipment. After years of pinching pennies, hours of standardized research, aloof beta testing and one big flash of the plastic, we’re more than proud to celebrate some new hardware.

1. Apple 867MHz G4 rig.
2. 22” Cinema Display.

Phew, it was time for such a transaction. The Power Computing Power Tower 180 put his time in well. Brought him on board back in November of 1996 after an ugly summer of washing dishes on that damn train in Alaska. We’d guess he’s up in the 400 thousands or so as far as mileage is concerned. He was good to us, and we appreciate his bytes. After equipment failures, RAM limitations and general instances of “damn, that’s broke too?”, we stepped up to a more contemporary piece of equipment.

So here’s to OS 9.2 for the time being. The whole OS X thing is exciting and all concerning performance, but not practical for a man of my discipline just yet. Programs are being loaded, peripherals ordered, RAM slam-dunked into hungry slots…in no time we’ll have him well-oiled and ready for any project.

‘Bout damn time.

Thanks to everyone out there for the help in this new operational phase. Thankful nods go out to Damien, Cam, Campbell, Floyd, Michaylira, Tevas, Rose and Melissa for techical prowess, prodding and soothing affirmations.

Oh yeah, that cinema display will kick any Triniton whale’s ass…anytime, anyday.